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“The Villa of San Peter and Paul’s Houses” is located in Calabria where according to the Sunday Times you can find “some of the beast beaches of the world”. It is exactly in Pellaro of Reggio Calabria. The District of Pellaro is a very quiet and relaxing area where at the same time you can find many supermarkets,  pharmacies, restaurants, beauty centers, ice cream shops. It is famous for being the “Paradise” of the kyte - surf lovers and it is also very well connected to all the best Calabrian beaches by the main road called “Statale 106″. Its location is perfect for a relaxing stay far from the noise of the big city. On the other hand the great night life of Reggio is just ten minutes away by car.

Reggio is the first and most important city of Calabria for antiques, geographical extent and number of habitants. Reggio is easily reached by plane because it is served by the ‘Airport Tito Minniti “. It is situated on the sea and enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with temperatures always pleasing and more than 320 sunny days per year.

It’s traditionally called the “Città della Fata Morgana” because of the rare optical phenomenon of Fata Morgana, in which Sicily seems only a few meters away making it possible to distinguish very fine houses, cars and people. Reggio is also known as the “Città dei Bronzi” to the famous Bronzes of Riace (symbol of its Greek origins magno) and is considered the “Città del Bergamotto”, citrus fruit that grows only in a narrow coastal strip on the coast. Reggio Calabria is also known worldwide for being a “University town” and to have given birth to the famous fashion designer Versace.

“The Villa” is located a short distance from the main tourist attractions such as the Reggio wonderful “Lungomare Italo Falcomatà” that develops between trees and houses in Liberty style, the “Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Magna Grecia” (in particular where you can admire the magnificent bronzes), the “Arena dello Stretto” (a beautiful outdoor theater overlooking Sicily), the “Villa Genoese Zerbi” (a delightful museum exhibition of the famous “Biennale di Venezia”), the “Duomo”, the “Castello Aragonese“, the “Church of the Good”, the “Walls of the Greek city“, the “Teatro Francesco Cilea”, the ”Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II” and “Piazza Garibaldi”.

In particular, the Waterfront in the historic center is a crowded bathing place and a symbol of fun in Reggio. The whole waterfront area is wifi/wireless service to tourists who wish to connect to the Internet for free, while enjoying a wonderful view, or while eating fantastic fish or enjoying “the best ice-cream in Italy”. During the summer, the Waterfront is very popular because it has the soul of the “Estate Reggina”, an event organized by the city that develops in the summer concerts by international artists, cultural events, exhibitions and shows.

Reggio Calabria is also at the heart of a tourist and historical importance of cultural and bathing. In fact, the city is equidistant from the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian so that you can choose to enjoy the pristine beaches of the Ionian. The wonderful Sicily (and in particular the Aeolian Islands and Taormina) is exactly opposite to Reggio and is easily accessible by sea in less than an hour. Around Reggio there are located characteristic villages and towns such as Scilla, Chianalea, Pentidattilo, Locri, Bova and Palmi. Nearby you can also visit the historic Cathedral of Gerace and Stilo. Moreover, only 20 km away is the mountain dell’Aspromonte where you can spend quiet days in total relaxation.

Reggio Calabria is a wonder of delightful places, wellness, history, fun and kindness. Come and visit the wonders of Calabria, the staff of “The Villa” await you, to welcome you and make your stay unforgettable.

How to reach Reggio and the “The Villa of San Peter and Paul’s Houses”

By air: The airport of Reggio Calabria is linked with the airports of Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate and Venice through more daily flights. The Rome-Reggio flight takes about 1 hour while the Milan-Reggio and Venice-Reggio flights take about 2 hours. Please note there is also Lamezia Terme International Airport  (distant only one hour by car from Reggio) from which, flights from London and other European cities arrive and depart.

By train: Reggio Calabria station is the terminus of many long-distance trains from all over Italy. In particular, the fast train takes you from Rome to Reggio in about 5 hours and from Milan to Reggio in 8 hours.

By car: Reggio is connected with the rest of Italy through the highway A-3. The average journey time by car from Rome to Reggio is about 7 hours and from Milan to Reggio is approximately 10 hours.