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“The Villa of San Peter and Paul’s Houses” is a very spacious old style house completely restructured in spring 2009.  Among all the houses this is the famous one of all the area, because of it’s historical and cultural property according to italian law.

The Home Holidays is situated in Pellaro of Reggio Calabria, the most important city of Calabria famous worldwide for its beautiful beaches, the magnificent “Bronzi Riace” and for its extraordinary waterfront known as “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy” by the famous poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

For those who intend to stay there, you will surely find relaxation and there is also at your disposal a large parking area with a private garden and a terrace. “The Villa” is the ideal solution especially for a large family or for a group of friends and will satisfy all your needs. The house is equipped with every comfort and in particular with air conditioning, heating, internet and computer and it is perfect for many guests. 

“The Villa of San Peter and Paul’s Houses” will make your stay wonderful in the magical Calabria where the sun always shines and the temperatures are always pleasant.